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The New Era of Privacy Intelligence 

Future-Proof Your Business with Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

At UNIFIED INTELLIGENCE®, we are committed to providing the most secure and reliable data privacy solutions.

We are changing the privacy landscape with our patent-pending Adaptive Collaborative Learning (ACL) algorithm to help businesses mitigate data security risks while extracting previously unused high-value data. We bring the model to the data, not the data to the model. 

Additionally, our Unified Multi-Party Computing (UMPC) platform allows various businesses to perform analytic tasks jointly, while not disclosing data to one another. 


We are proud to offer a secure and respectful data privacy computing platform that ensures no personal identifiable information (PII) is stored or shared.

Credit Score SDK

An alternative credit scoring system for the underserved while ensuring data privacy.

Decentralized Data Management

Federated Learning (FL) Approach to develop ML models without exchanging data and a centralized server. 

Risk Management

Fraud API to mitigate risky behaviour, detect abuse, and deliver real-time solutions for businesses.

Device and Browser Fingerprinting

Our device and browser fingerprinting technology identifies users and detects suspicious behaviour.

Cutting Edge Solutions.
Many Use Cases.

UNIFIED INTELLIGENCE® platform technology and the suite of Privacy Intelligence solutions can be used in various use cases:

Lending Industry
An alternative credit-scoring model to boost financial inclusion for the underbanked and unbanked global population.

Manpower Industry
Psychometric profiling of recruitment candidates.

Healthcare Industry
Health management and delivery of public health services (peripheral data).


Banking & FinTech Industry
Detecting fraudulent KYC & KYD activities without transferring user footprint data to the cloud.

Are You Ready to Future-Proof Your Business?

Data privacy is an important issue in today's digital age. Data breaches, lack of control and transparency, misuse of personal data, and the ever-changing law and regulation regarding personal data protection are pertinent pain points to address for both the businesses and consumers. 

Let UNIFIED INTELLIGENCE® deliver privacy-preserving solutions to future-proof the legal landscape of data privacy, make better sense of your data, and empower your customers with data autonomy. 

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