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Our Privacy Intelligence Solutions

Credit Score SDK

Our SDK calculates user credit score with our patent-pending ACL technology while ensuring privacy. It determines creditworthiness with alternative data sources without accessing personal information. All calculations happen on the user's device for added security. Get the credit scores you need without compromising privacy or security.

Fraud API

Our API checks for suspicious activity in applications by analyzing email addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses. It then examines the historical and social use of these addresses and checks for any associated suspicious behavior. The API provides a fraud score along with the social and historical uses.

Device and Browser Fingerprinting

Our device and browser fingerprinting technology identifies users and detects suspicious behavior. It can identify users even if their IP has changed, a different browser is used, or cookies are cleared. The technology can detect the use of VPNs, copy-paste activity, device farms, automation tools, bots, and more.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our patent-pending AI algorithm - Adaptive Collaborative Learning (ACL) is highly adaptive. ACL can be leveraged and used across different environments to support interaction across different machines with a wide range of specs without compromising the fundamentals of privacy preservation. It can also be extended to support various ML models.  

Our SDK and libraries are versatile, seamlessly integrating with popular technology stacks and environments. Our credit score feature is compatible with Android devices, while our device fingerprinting feature is built in JavaScript, making it compatible with any web application.

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